eCommerce Marketing Automation

Create loyal lifetime customers and encourage repeat purchasing with personalized, relevant and timely marketing automation.
Out of the box, CRU provides a range of abandoned cart, VIP and post-purchase emails guaranteed to lift the lifetime value of every customer that visits your online store.

Turn Browsers

into Customers


Personalized follow-up emails will keep your visitors engaged with your brand and business, updating them on new products, offering them special deals and creating loyal lifetime customers. CRU’s automated features allow you to communicate with your customers through timely emails that keep you customers engaged with every step of your wine making process.
Build anticipation of a new product with updates on the journey and share insights on your amazing ingredients. Engage your customers with recipes and interesting information about each and every product. The possibilities are endless.


Make it personal

We get it- trying to connect with the anonymous browsers on your site can feel impossible. CRU makes it simple for you to build personal, genuine connections with your website visitors.

Understanding customer behavior is essential to growing your business. CRU offers powerful user insights, allowing you to track the actions of your website visitors through automated triggers and workflows, leading to increased conversions, opens, shares and much more.


Powerful customer relationship management allows you to develop real connections with your online market. Keep your customers in the loop on new products, special events and offers. Reward frequent purchasers and recognize VIPs with special offers and discounts. With CRU, you can make sure your customers feel special and develop a loyal relationship with your business. 

Our automated re-marketing tools offer ongoing engagement and unlimited potential for your business. 


Be remembered

Never let a potential purchase slip past again. CRU allows you to create unique triggers that automatically follow-up with your potential customers.

Our powerful Abandoned Cart function will remind your customers when they’ve left products in their shopping cart, and encourage them to complete their purchase with automated emails at regular intervals.

Have a customer go cold? Re-engage with inactive customers through automated email marketing campaigns offering special discounts and product recommendations.

Keep the
conversation going

After a purchase is made, CRU allows you to continue growing your customer relationships.

Check in with your customers to see how they enjoyed their purchase, and request feedback and product reviews. Our system allows you to automatically reward those customers who take the time to provide their feedback, and will keep customers engaged with your products by suggesting similar products they might like.


The special treatment

Everybody likes to feel special. Close the gap between retail – and online customer. Reward your loyal customers with automatic VIP status and other incentives when they reach different purchase levels. You can even offer personalized coupons and incentives for orders of a certain size and frequency.

By knowing what your shoppers are buying at your store, and built-in functionality to generate customer-specific special offers, CRU encourages your customers to order more products, more often.